Florida Summertime = Hurricanes (sometimes)

Southwest Florida is a tropical paradise and a beautiful place to live. Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” due to year-round sunshine and warm sunny days. But not everything can be sunshine and unicorns all the time. When the gulf and ocean waters heat up they create an ideal environment for hurricanes to form and travel up our state.

When to Prepare

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is prior to when the storm season officially starts on June 1st. It is important to understand and recognize your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, wind, and flooding, to have the supplies you need and to have a plan.

Things to do to Prepare for Hurricane Season:

What to do when a Hurricane Warning Is Issued:

Important Phone Numbers for Lee County:

What if I Live in Florida but not on the Coast?

It is important to remember that hurricanes aren’t just coastal problems. Take the time to prepare for hurricane season ahead of time! Make sure your entire family is aware of your plans and that you are all on the same page.

Additional Hurricane Resources

For more information on hurricane preparation and planning, visit the websites below. I have listed local, state, and federal sites, as well as additional ones to help you remain safe this hurricane season.

Lee County Hurricane Preparation Information

Florida Disaster Emergency Management


National Weather Service

Hurricane Categories

Category 1 – Winds: 75 to 95 mph; Damage: Minimal; signs, tree branches, power lines down
Category 2 – Winds: 96 to 110 mph; Damage: Moderate; larger signs, tree branches blown down

Category 3 – Winds: 111 to 130 mph; Damage: Extensive; minor damage to buildings, trees blown down

Category 4 – Winds: 131 to 155 mph; Damage: Extreme; almost total destruction of doors/windows

Category 5 – Winds: More than 155 mph; Damage: Catastrophic; buildings, roofs, structures destroyed