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Immokalee Foundation

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been actively collaborating with the Immokalee Foundation for a couple of years now! My involvement with the foundation includes serving as a guest speaker and, more recently, sponsoring two summer interns, Alex Martinez (2021) and Lauryn Mireles (2023).

Who is Immokalee Foundation?

Established in 1991 by philanthropist Parker Collier, the Immokalee Foundation was created to enhance opportunities for the children of Immokalee. The initiative sought the support of neighboring Neapolitans to join forces for this cause. Initially, the organization focused on providing financial aid to existing education, health care, and career development programs. Naturally, these contributions not only benefited the children but also had a positive impact on the broader community.

Through its “Pathways to Success” approach, the Immokalee Foundation is actively shaping a brighter future. Currently, the foundation supports over 1,400 students annually. Nurturing each child’s development as a student – and as a citizen – through education.

Why do I support them?

Now, let me elaborate on why I’m so passionate about supporting them.

I became a sponsor because I was motivated by the remarkable autonomy displayed by these students. Further, their ability to recognize the importance of investing in their own growth, and embracing after-school programs that ignite their inspiration, is truly moving. Witnessing high school students proactively push themselves to explore their potential is truly commendable.

Watch the full video here:

Career Pathways

Through their extensive research and analysis, the Immokalee Foundation has pinpointed four distinct pathways for students. In fact, these pathways could lead to well-paying jobs that are in high demand across Southwest Florida.

Career Pathways:

a. Engineering & Construction Management.

b. Business Management & Entrepreneurship,

c. Education & Human Services, and

d. Health Care

Moreover, the foundation has identified numerous opportunities for middle, high school, and postsecondary students to explore potential career paths. These encompass after-school and summer programs, specialized classes for obtaining industry-recognized credentials and certificates, valuable apprenticeships and internships, and many other career-focused opportunities.

You can learn more about these pathways here.

Get Involved

Therefore, I would like to implore everyone out there who has ever had a mentor in their life ever had anyone invest in them to turn around and pay it forward and invest in someone else by being a sponsor for the Immokalee Foundation or any of the other worthy organizations and nonprofits that are here in Southwest Florida.

Finally, you may support this worthwhile cause by making a donation or by volunteering to help the students as they navigate adolescence and take advantage of the amazing career prospects Southwest Florida has to offer.