Photo of cattle in pasture in Florida

Alva Florida – featured on SoWeFlo

This is why the people of vision who wrote the Lee Plan in 1989 decided this town should remain a sanctuary.

“Alva” as written in the Lee County Plan

The mission of the people of the community called Alva, Florida, is to preserve and protect its unique historical, rural, agricultural and small town flavor. Alva is the oldest settlement in Lee County. With its huge oaks and cypress tress, the Caloosahatchee River, citrus groves, and cattle ranches, Alva has a unique country ambiance that is rapidly becoming hard to find in Florida. Southwest Florida is experiencing extremely rapid development. It will take a concerted effort to ensure that the growth of Alva occurs in a manner that maintains the character and lifestyle of this area. As Alva grows, we aim to work together to make sure Alva remains a place we want to live in and call home.