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Change of Address Checklist

Packing and unpacking are only two parts of the changing of address/moving process.

While relocating to a new address is a super exciting activity, it involves hours of communication, coordination, and preparation with multiple services, organizations, and companies for a successful transfer. The critical duty of updating your information on multiple platforms is one of them. This “Change of Address Checklist” covers everything you need to know and check before moving into your new home. This also highlights crucial measures for a successful transfer.

We’ll break down each topic in this guide, giving you insightful information and useful advice to make your relocation as easy as possible.

Utility companies

Changing your address with utility providers is crucial to avoid service interruptions. Here’s what you need to do:

Gas and Electricity

Contact your current providers to schedule the disconnection of these services and connect them at your new address. Provide them with the all information they need such as the move-in date, tapping and connection points, and contact person during the installation process.


Inform your water company about the move and arrange for a final meter reading. Set up service at your new location while making sure that all your lines are tested and leak-proof.

Garbage and Sewage

Inquire about your new place’s waste disposal and sewage services. Make sure all disposable items are collected, ensuring your previous place is spotless. Cancel services at your old address accordingly.

Internet and Cable

Notify your internet and cable providers about your move. Schedule installation at your new home and return any equipment from your previous address.


Contact your cellphone carrier to update your address. Incorrect billing information can lead to payment issues and disruptions in service.

In case of emergencies, accurate address information can be crucial for providing accurate location data to emergency services when you make a 911 call from your cellphone.

Verify the coverage and reception at your new location.

Home Security Service

In case of an emergency, accurate address information is vital for security personnel and emergency services to respond quickly and reach your location.

If your security system detects any suspicious activity or triggers an alarm, the monitoring center needs to know your correct address to alert you and respond appropriately. If necessary, your security provider may need to dispatch law enforcement or emergency personnel to your location.

Government Organizations


In many jurisdictions, it is a legal requirement to update your address with the DMV within a specific timeframe after moving to a new address. Failing to do so can result in fines or penalties.

The DMV sends important documents, such as driver’s license renewals, vehicle registration renewals, and notices related to your driving record. Having your correct address ensures you receive these documents on time.


Notify the IRS of your change of address using Form 8822 to receive crucial tax-related information.

The IRS sends important tax-related documents, such as tax refund checks, tax notices, and other communications. Having your correct address on file ensures that you receive these documents promptly.

Voter Registration

Update your voter registration with your new address to participate in local elections.

Social Security

If you receive Social Security benefits, retirement benefits, disability benefits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the SSA needs your accurate address to send your payments or important documents related to your benefits.

The SSA communicates important information about your Social Security benefits, eligibility, and other matters.

Financial Institutions

You’re required to let your lenders know of your move. Taking care of this task ahead of time helps ensure you don’t miss any payments and potentially damage your credit.

Bank and Credit Union

Update your address with your bank or credit union to receive your account statements, notices, and correspondence accurately and in a timely manner.

Accurate address information helps prevent misdelivery of sensitive financial documents.

Loan Companies

Notify your loan provider(s) to ensure you receive loan-related information on time.

You need to receive updates about your loan terms, payment due dates, and other loan-related information accurately and in a timely manner.

Credit Card Companies

Update your address with credit card companies to receive bills, statements, and any potential fraud alerts.

Retail Credit Accounts

Ensure that your payment information and statements reach you without delays. Avoid missing any payment reminders or late payment notices.

Financial Advisors and Accountants

Accurate address information helps ensure proper tax and financial planning based on your new location.

They can also continue to provide financial advice and assistance tailored to your new circumstances.

Insurance Companies

Insurance coverage can be tricky in the best of situations. Don’t let a simple task leave you underinsured in your time of need. Often, a change of address can be accomplished online or over the phone.

Health Insurance

Update your health insurance provider with your new address for seamless claims processing.

Dental Insurance

Notify your dental insurance company to ensure coverage remains intact.

Car Insurance

In order to reflect your new residence and any potential coverage changes, update the information on your car insurance provider.

Life Insurance

Ensure your beneficiaries can be reached by letting your life insurance company know of your transfer.

Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance

Home insurance is only useful if it’s for the right home. You’ll need to notify your home insurance provider of your new address and see if any other coverage changes apply. Whether you rent or buy your home, you may be required to provide proof that you’ve secured home or renter’s insurance.

With renter’s insurance, some landlords or management companies will want proof of transfer before your move-in date, so get this taken care of early.

Subscription Services

Don’t forget about the services that make life enjoyable. Stay connected and entertained by following these steps:

Amazon Prime

It’s crucial to update your current address with your Amazon Prime membership to guarantee that your orders are delivered to the appropriate place. It will be easier to prevent delivery problems and delays if you keep your address current.

Streaming Services

It is advised that you update your current address with your streaming service subscriptions. You will receive proper billing, appropriate content availability, and any subscription-related alerts if your address information is kept up to date.

Subscription Boxes

If you receive subscription boxes, update your current address to continue receiving your subscription items at the correct location and to avoid interruptions.

Gym Membership

Inform your gym about your move to ensure that you receive any communication or important updates related to your membership while avoiding billing issues.

Other Local Memberships

Update your address with any local memberships you hold, such as clubs or organizations to guarantee that you receive relevant information, notifications, and benefits related to those affiliations.

Retail Websites, Magazines & Catalogs

It’s easy to place orders without looking closely at the shipping details, and if you fail to change your address early on, you might forget to make the change during your first purchase at your new place. Save yourself the time and the headache of tracking down a package sent to your old home by switching your address now.

Health Services

Your medical providers need your updated address to maintain your medical records and provide you with continuous care.

Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian & Pediatrician

Provide your healthcare providers with your correct address so that they can easily reach you with appointment reminders, test results, and follow-up instructions.

Your healthcare providers may also send educational materials, health tips, and information about new treatments or services. Moreover, they might also need to send prescriptions, medication updates, and dosage adjustments to allow you to manage your health effectively. Additionally, medical test results, lab reports, and other health-related documents are often sent via mail.

Having your correct address ensures you receive these important communications.


Current Employer

Your address is part of your personnel records. Keeping these records up to date is important for administrative purposes.

If you receive your salary through direct deposit, updating your address ensures that your funds are correctly deposited into your bank account. Additionally, your address affects how taxes are withheld from your paycheck, and having an accurate address ensures proper tax calculations.

Lastly, if anyone needs to verify your employment, having an accurate address is essential for confirming your current status.

Close Friends & Family

Sharing your new address helps your close friends and family stay connected with you, even if you’ve moved to a different location.

By providing your new address, you enable your loved ones to communicate with you through mail, cards, and other physical forms of correspondence. Also, it ensures that you’re included in invitations to gatherings, parties, and special occasions!

Smart Home Apps

Some smart home devices, such as security cameras and locks, use your location for features like geofencing. Updating your address helps these features work correctly.

In case you encounter issues or need assistance, having your correct address on file can help customer support provide you with effective solutions.

Mail Forwarding Services

Mail Forwarding ensures that your mail is sent to your new address, allowing you to receive important correspondence without interruption.

Even if you’ve informed some senders about your new address, USPS Mail Forwarding helps capture mail from those who may not have updated your information. Furthermore, You can choose between temporary or permanent mail forwarding options based on your needs.

Several tasks must be completed when moving to a new place, and it is crucial that all of your information is current. By following our comprehensive “Change of Address Checklist,” you’ll be well-prepared to handle the transition. You can also check out this moving guide to help you understand what factors you have to consider before moving to a neighborhood.

If you want to learn more tips on how to take care of your new home, you can find more related articles on our blog site.