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Steps to Take to Successfully Close a Contract in Florida

Congratulations, you’re now officially under contract! This is an exciting time, but remember that we still have work to have a good contract closing. In this article, I’ll be showing you five important steps we’ll have to undertake to close your deal successfully. Watch the full YouTube video here: Prepare a Transaction Timeline We’ll try […]

The Art of Staging Your Property

If the word “staging” conjures up the idea that you’re putting on a show for prospective property buyers, you’re on the right track. In a well-staged home, you’re putting the home in the spotlight and inviting buyers to imagine themselves taking a starring role. Furthermore, property staging goes beyond just tidying up your home. It […]

Change of Address Checklist

Packing and unpacking are only two parts of the changing of address/moving process. While relocating to a new address is a super exciting activity, it involves hours of communication, coordination, and preparation with multiple services, organizations, and companies for a successful transfer. The critical duty of updating your information on multiple platforms is one of […]

Pending Seller Important Dates

Congratulations! You’re officially under contract! Woo Hoo! Here’s some good reminders and things we need to do to get to closing successfully… Don’t worry, because we will prepare a Transaction Timeline for you so you can refer to any important dates easily. We’ll be monitoring these for you too. 7 Important Dates for Closing: IF […]