Featured photo for the quick margaritaville beach resort tour.

Margaritaville Beach Resort Quick Tour

Came to visit the newly opened Margaritaville Beach Resort here in Fort Myers Beach, and from what I’ve seen so far, the place has come a long way!

Check this YouTube video for a quick tour of the brand-new resort:

You can see in the video that there’s still a lot of new construction going on, areas are roped off where they’re painting, yet everyone’s just walking around loving the beach.

While they’re still finishing everything up everyone’s coming down and enjoying the place already! It’s really nice to see so many people down on Fort Myers Beach and have some normalcy even though it looks a lot different than it used to.

Kudos to them for getting it open and getting everything going as it’s a really great time and a lot of people are loving this weather down on Fort Myers Beach.

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