Photo of a staged home enhancing appearance and value.

Home Staging Makes a Huge Difference

When my client, who recently arrived from Hawaii, sought my assistance with his property. It became evident that the house lacked the visual allure that effective home staging provides.

Imagine walking into a home that has been on the market for some time—the online photos fail to capture its true appeal, and the overall impression is lackluster.

The Problem: A House That Didn’t Shine

Upon visiting the property, I understood why it wasn’t selling. The photos were subpar, and the house lacked that “wow” factor. To make matters worse, the current tenants had turned the primary suite into a makeshift campsite, complete with a mattress on the floor and a TV precariously perched on its legs. It was far from the vision of a beautiful home.

Watch this YouTube video about this recent case I had:

The Solution: Home Staging in Action

  1. Assessment and Action:
    • I knew we had to act swiftly. First, I ordered a platform bed from Amazon. No more mattresses on the floor!
    • Next, I picked up a stylish rug from HomeGoods to anchor the room and create warmth.
    • Nightstands from Target added functionality and elegance.
  2. Attention to Detail:
    • We couldn’t leave the living room untouched. A welcome mat at the entrance and a proper TV stand for the 63-inch flat screen was necessary.
    • The pressure washing was done to restore the exterior’s curb appeal.
  3. The Unseen Efforts:
    • These behind-the-scenes efforts matter. We don’t always talk about them, but they make all the difference.
    • Our goal? To make it look effortless, even though it involves careful planning and execution.

The likelihood that you’ll sell your house quickly and for a higher price may rise as a result of home staging. Moreover, home staging can be quite helpful if you’re on a strict schedule or want to increase your selling price.

Finally, home staging isn’t just about furniture placement; it’s about creating an emotional connection between potential buyers and the home. By addressing the details, we transformed a lackluster property into a showstopper. So, the next time you step into a beautifully staged house, remember the thought and effort that went into making it look easy. 

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