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Realtor’s Reassurance

The one thing I was missing throughout the process of selling my home, was the reassurance of a realtor. Because I was doing the whole process independently as the agent and the client, I didn’t get those reassuring phone calls with my calming voice letting me know everything was normal and fine. I didn’t have anyone to tell me these reassurances.

It’s a different experience being on the receiving end. For instance, after clients sign the paperwork and exchange keys, they wait for the funds to transfer. They often ask, ‘The money hasn’t arrived yet?’ I reassure them it takes an hour or two and I’m confident there won’t be any issues.

When it’s your own house and your husband texts that the money isn’t there, it’s a different feeling. You reassure him, but you lack reassurance yourself. Doing it alone means missing that reassurance from your real estate agent.

Hear my story through this YouTube short:

Dealing with the whole process alone made me appreciate more our work as real estate agents. Not only do realtors make transactions smoother, but we also provide guidance and reassurance during times of uncertainty. It’s like having another source of emotional support during those scary situations.

While the internet can provide a wealth of information, it cannot substitute the personalized service and expertise offered by a Realtor. Realtors serve as invaluable partners, navigating and reassuring you through every step of the real estate process, ensuring well-informed decisions, and achieving the best possible results.

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