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Top 3 Real Estate Myths Busted

Recently, I’ve heard that there have been a number of real estate myths floating on the internet that have left every homeowner and buyer concerned and confused about the market, and I’m here today to bust the top three myths in real estate.

1. The market is going to crash.

This is not true. Since 2022, we have seen the market stay steady and economists are predicting that we will see a nice, steady, normal appreciation of about 5% over the next year.

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2. It’s not a good time to sell

The truth is that right now is the perfect time to sell because we are heading into season over the next 30 days and you can get a jump on your competition.

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3. Price it high so you have room to negotiate.

This is a big no-no. Buyers are looking every day and they know a good deal when they see it. Pricing it right will help you to sell your home at the highest price.

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Watch this YouTube short for my brief insight and how I busted these real estate myths:

Don’t fall for these real estate myths! The market is not going to crash; now is actually a great time to sell, and pricing your home right is key. Take advantage of the current market conditions and make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling property.

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